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Splitterblast 035 - V.A. - Speed Is What You Need Vol.2. 
Harder - Faster - Better!
Enjoy this fresh mini-compilation of 8 pure Extreme Speedcore tracks!
Go to the "Releases" section and have fun!


Splitterblast 033 - Dooky - Rapacalypse Never EP 
We are proud to introduce you a debut EP of the great
Hardcore and Speedcore producer from Cologne, Germany - Dooky!
4 exclusive brand new Speedcore tracks, in top quality are ready to rape your ears and burn your air-max shoes to the max!
Check the "Releases" section & enjoy!


Splitterblast 034 - V.A. - Not For Pussies 
Enjoy our newest release!
A compilation by various artists all over the world!
18 pure Extreme Speedcore tracks will rape your ears!

Check the "Releases" section!


Splitterblast 032 - DJKurara - Inorganic Terrorindustrial EP
We are really proud to introduce you our newest release!
It's a four track EP by Hardcore, Breakcore, Drenchcore, Speedcore artist from Japan: DJKurara. Go to the "Releases" section and enjoy this awesome Drenchcore (Frenchcore+Speedcore+Breakcore+Mashcore) and Extreme Speedcore madness!


Demo submissions for the next V.A. is already open !!!
For more info check the "Facebook" page!

Upcomming releases info:
Splitterblast 032 - DJKurara EP
Splitterblast 033 - Dooky EP
Splitterblast 034 - V.A. - Not For Pussies!

22.01.2013 V.A. - Splitterblast is back !!!
We are back and proud to present you our new release.
It's V.A. compilation that including 21 high quality tracks from the very known and also new artists over the world. Go to "Releases" section and enjoy this fresh release of pure Hardcore, Speedcore, Breakcore & Noise!
ENJOY!!! ;)
28.04.2011 Party with 5 Splitterblast Records / SKRD!!! artists!
28.05.2011 Will play Kurwastyle Project, Loffciamcore, TommY RuleZ, SpeeDevon & The M.S.P. @ Hardcore/Gabber/Terror/Speedcore/Breakcore/Grindcore Party "Carbon Mania Vol.2" (CZ).
There will also play BBYB, Celba Clan & Airbone Drumz from Russia.
So don't miss the chance to see and hear the kings of the slavic Speedcore @ one great party!
For more details check this event on "Facebook"  !
 31.03.2011 Splitterblast 030 - Seneca - Armoured Sun / Armoured Car
A six track EP by great Hardcore, Speedcore & Tragicore producer from UK now avaible in the "Releases"  section! Enjoy!
30.12.2010 Splitterblast Records artists interviews for ESF
Check the Extreme Sound Forum and read the interviews from: Kurwastyle Project, Superius, Junkie Kut, Drugzilla
or Mental D-struction. Hope you'll enjoy them!
Happy New Year to all Splitterblast Records artists & fans!
22.12.2010 V.A. - MK ULTR4 (3XTR3M3 N01Z3 BR41NW45H) - Out Now!
We present you our next release!
It's a compilation with 18 high quality tracks by
various artists over the world!
Go to the "Releases" section and have a Core X-mass!

Out Now:
V.A. - Speed Is What You Need Vol.2.



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